The Object Tracker is a versatile product that makes it easy to take wireless shots, wireless voice recordings, and find things.

Even if you do not have a monopod and you do not use the timer function, you can take a self-portrait (movie) at the desired moment and unlimited composition.
You can place the phone in the desired location and start / stop voice recording wirelessly.
In an emergency, pressing the ‘emergency call’ will place a call to the phone number that was previously saved.
You can easily find things you have forgotten or your cell phone.
  • - If you forget your key, you can find it with maps and sounds through the app.
  • - Conversely, if you forget your phone, you can press the button on the Object Tracker to locate the phone by ringing the phone.
  • Main point - Important 3 elements (Safety, Fun, Find)

    1.Safety - Emergency Call




    Key function
    1 Picture - Remote shutter function of monopod
    2 Video
    3 Voice record
    4 Emergency Call  - Press the button for 5 seconds to contact the person who saved it.
    Side function
    1 Find device - When you press the function button on your smartphone, the device sounds
    2 Find a cell phone - When you press a button on your device, your smartphone sounds.
    Application function
    1 Identify your opponent's location in an emergency