Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality Overview

What is Virtual Reality?(VR)
In a virtual space constructed using a computer, a user implements a situation that does not directly experience in the real world due to spatial, visual, and physical constraints through interaction using a human sense of heaven.
Main technology CG(Computer Graphics), 3D display, Stereo, HCI
Feature Virtual space created by imagination.
What is Augmented Reality?(AR)
Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes virtual objects on the real world that the user sees. It is a system in which the real world and the virtual world are combined into one image.
Main technology Location awareness technology, Object recognition technology, See through display
Feature Unlike virtual reality, it adds virtual information to the environment the user is currently viewing.
What is Mixed reality?(MR)
Mixed reality includes the meaning of augmented reality and virtual reality. It provides a rich experience for users with a smart environment where reality and virtuality are seamlessly connected, rather than a fully virtual world.
Main technology Fusion of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.
Feature Combine virtual information with real world.