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Global Business Networks

Technology Provider group

  • Reatiltech (Seoul, Korea, is SW company, specializing in IT sector of retail industry. Working with Homeplus, Lotte, Samgsung etc, major Korean retail industry. Also, RT do have extensive R&D experience in logistics infra of agriculture product for Korean regional government. RT will provide IoT server SW and application technology to Dubai Hub.
  • Coretrust (Seoul, works in media industry with a core technics in DRM, CAS and media streaming platform technology. They will contribute media related experience, technology.
  • Flalout (, Vienna/Austria) will provide Smarthome Service Platform with a open backend/frontend API, which will enable any SW, HW development and distribute its result via any app-store. Flatout tell us how to establish open eco-system for Smarthome, Smartoffice as our strategic alliance.
  • eWBM ( specialized gesture recognition semi-conductor, as our core technology, chipset vendor for any futuristic smart-device.
  • Eroum ( specialized in Android framework, application.
  • Hims ( specialized in wellness, personal care service.

Global Sales & Marketing Group

  • Promelit (Milano, as telecom service, product sales company, has own sales network over Italy with 350 reseller account.
  • Abensys (Valencia, as sales company - mainly cloud-based IoT service
  • Teltronics (Oslo, as telecom sector, system integrator and sales
  • Techtuit (Tokyo, trading company, selling various products over Japan with IT products to its related service as a group of 20 subsidiary company.
  • Traine ( SI company, working Roma, Dubai, Teheran
  • Innosystem ( China, Shenzhen, who is SI in China
  • Innosystem ( MCU, Device design and manufacturing
  • InnoPlay ( Game provider, Playgiga Spain,. Playcast USA.
  • Playgiga (