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"ROTH & MYERS" is our own brand for Speaker around the world.

"BOSK" speaker is our main product line. The word "BOSK" comes from the Spanish word "Bosque" which means Forest. It's made of 100% natural zebrawood and each speaker has a unique design with different pattern. It gives us a beautiful and natural sound.

When it comes to function, it provides various interfaces such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Optical, AUX and other connections. Furthermore, we provide an Application called "R&M Player".
Up to 5 speakers, you can enjoy the same music in different rooms at the same time (Multi-room/ Multi-channel function). You can enjoy Hi-Fi quality sound (24bits/192KHz).
  • BOSK
  • BOSK-NPL210L
  • BOSK-MRB100
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