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Delivering an innovative experience for home entertainment!
Established in 2013, AKSys Co., Ltd was created by experts from various professional fields such as engineering, marketing and designing from global companies.
We develop, design and manufacture our own products such as HiFi Audio, AR/VR device and its interactive controller for home entertainment service. We have extensive R&D expertise, officially licensed from Qualcomm, NXP and InvenSense, name a few.
We focus on how to give the best experience and convenient to our client.
Our goal
  • Becoming a innovative technology provider to home entertainment markets
  • Converged innovative technology with stylish analogic design
  • Supplying competitive products upon global supply chain
Our Professional Experience
We've been working on R&D for over 20 years. We've been optimizing and customizing such as
  • - Networked audio technology - wireless multi-channel
  • - Composition the ultra sound quality
  • - Interactive device control with extremely low latency
  • - Extensive expertise in Android Framework